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Paintball Masks : More than just Protecting your Damn face

So you wanna protect your face for when you get shot in the head/face because you don’t know how to take cover. That’s ok, not everyone can go balls out commando like me and throw the mask and pants down mid game, emptying your hopper into both enemies and referees indiscriminately.

For those of you who just NEED to use a mask to protect your eyes and teeth, here is a list for you to consider. You want a mask that feels like it’s not there. But what if there were actual benefits to having a mask aside from protection?

1. Dye Precision I4 Thermal Paintball Goggle

best paintball masks, paintball masks


  • Anatomic Fit & Function

  • Anti-Fog Thermal Lens

  • Compression Formed Earpiece

  • Horizontal Peripheral Vision

  • Rapid Lens Change

  • Scream Multi-Directional Venting

  • Tiger Teeth Retention System

This mask will stay on your face, which is actually more important than it sounds until you’re running in to flank only to have your mask slide down and blind you. And whenever I see guys not looking, I shoot them in the balls. That will be you.

This lens is both rapidly swap-able, but is an anti thermal lens. Meaning it won’t fog up and blind you to those testicle shots. Best of all, this masks has a SCREAM MULTI-DIRECTIONAL VENTING. Meaning that when you get nut-shot into infinity, your enemies will be able to hear to scream audibly from a distance. Also it lets you stay cool and breathe real well and shit.

2. DYE i5 Paintball Goggle 


paintball mask, DYE i5 Paintball Goggle

  • e.VOKE Compatible, electronically upgrade your game with wireless audio connection between the i5 and M2 MOS Air.
  • GSR Pro Strap, Precise tension control, maximum comfort, and un-matched safety by evenly distributing force over your head and patent pending ratchet strap system. The GSR is a revolutionary step in goggle strap technology providing the ultimate in comfort and performance.
  • SCREAM multi-directional venting, patented blade angling and increased vent design help heat and moisture dissipate quickly while making communication effortless.
  • Universal Heads-Up POV Mount included, securely attach you POV camera and don’t miss a moment of the action.
  • Quick Release Foam Kit and Rapid Lens Change, patent pending foam kit and lens replacement allow you to change either in seconds, not minutes. Saving you time and ensuring you step on the field with the clearest, most comfortable lens and foam option available.


This paintball mask the super mask version of mask #1. The reason it is number #2 on our list is solely due to its price. If you have cash to spend, this is the ultimate robocop mask.

3. Virtue VIO Paintball Goggles / Masks with Dual Pane Thermal Anti-Fog Lensespaintball masks, best paintball masks

  • See More – With a large field of View

  • Breathe Easier – With maximum airflow

  • Hear Clearer – No echoing

  • Speak Louder – With more venting

  • Most Customizable – Goggle Ever

Virtue VIO Paintball goggles are those HALO looking helmets. A wide field of view so you can see people trying to come around your side. This masks has been designed to have NO ECHO. With good venting your teammates can hear you scream in pain.

4. Sly Profit LE Goggles

Sly Profit LE Goggle, paintball mask

  • Velvet lined soft cell frame foam, combined with SBR foam for shock absorption.

  • Integrated double strap for goggle angle adjustability.

  • Tough co-molded nylon frame with soft TPR lower to prevent ball breakage.

  • Patent-pending lightning-quick release system.



The Sly Profit Paintball mask has a tough co-molded nylon frame to prevent BALL BREAKAGE. Do you know what that means? You can get shot in the face and get away with it. If the ball doesn’t break, you didn’t die, right? Members of our office have lined the underpart of their sweaters with bubble wrap many times and gotten away with MANY games of robocopping in the middle of the field, raining paintballs from two guns like a tank, a sort of unkillable paintball god.

Velvet lined soft cell frame foam for shock absorption for when you fall on your face.

5. Empire X-Ray V2.1 Thermal PROtector Goggle

paintball mask, Empire X-Ray V2.1 Thermal PROtector Goggle

  • Anti-Scratch Lenses- Thermal lenses are specially treated to reduce fog & scratches

  • Chin Strap- Fully adjustable and removable

  • Visor- Designed to help channel airflow to keep fogging away

  • Full Head Coverage- Designed to be removed, depending on your style of play

  • Multi-port Ventilation- Superior engineered venting keeps you from overheating

The Visor and mask channel airflow design help with keeping your mask from fogging up. FULL HEAD COVERAGE- designed to be removed if you prefer topless. Anti-scratch lenses to help you keep from destroying you goggles.


6. VForce Profiler Thermal Paintball Goggle Mask

 paintball masks, VForce Profiler Thermal Paintball Goggle Mask

  • QuickChange™ ThermoCured™ Lens, for super-fast interchangeability service during time outs.
  • QuickChange™ Strap.
  • FeatherWeight Comfort. Ultra-lightweight design for unrestricted movement.
  • Fast-drying super soft Dual Density Foam.

These masks have boba fet colors as well as purchase-able REFEREE COLORS.

The truest camouflage is one who can stand in the open, and be inconspicuous of being the enemy. Pretend to be the referee and never lose again.



7. Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Lens

Empire Helix Goggle Thermal Len, paintball mask

  • Clear dual-pane thermal optically correct lens
  • Quick and easy tool-less lens changeability
  • Anti-fog lens has 270-degree visibility
  • Includes the Browser (visor / brow shield combined)
  • Woven logo strap with silicone to prevent slipping





This is one of the best paintball masks for way cheaper, wide angle of site, anti-fog lens, less ventilation than the above but it does the job.


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