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FoilBoarding: Hydrofoil surfing

wavefoil, hydrofoil, foilboard

foilboard, hydrofoil, foilboarding

As the technology of our time grew we knew superpowers were close, now with some simple ingenuity, you can surf infinitely.

How infinitely? Depends on your cardio and balance, but if you get that up. INFINITELY.

hydrofoil board, foil surfing, wave foiling

It came from the deep

This extremely odd looking pole coming from the board is what is known as a hydrofoil. 

WakeFoiler Boards

It works the same way the wings of a plane work, the fins under the board create lift. The wings create lift and downward force as well, keeping it balanced. And with water being much denser than air, much smaller wings are needed under the board to sustain lift. With some extra pumping motion, you self propel yourself perpetually through rolling waves of blue through lakes, ocean, and sea.

To anybody who has never seen one of these operate in real life, it’s a trip. The levitating of the board so far above the water, moving SO FAST, it makes it all very enchanting.

foilboard, hydrofoil, wavefoiler

hydrofoil, boat

Now the thing with foilboarding, (wavefoiling, hydrofoiling, hydrofoil surfing, windfoiling, etc.) is that you can get a lot of speed with them. Considering there is no chop or resistance from the waves of the water. You cut right through them and carry your building momentum. So with such great speed can create great violence if you are keeping too close to “normal” surfers.

If you attach or buy completely one of these, you have basically accepted that you are going to go really fast, so you want to avoid colliding with anybody period. With foil’s given extra lift, speed, and control, taking it to more open areas so you can really rip and travel would be more fun for everyone.

The strut on most boards runs about 3′-4′ feet. So you’ll want a comfortable clearance of at least 5′ feet. And most of the water on our planet runs deeper than that. At shallower levels, avoid seaweed, and people.

hydrofoil accident, foilboard accident, hydrofoil, wavefoiling accident, surfing

Japanese surfer Yu Tonbi Sumitomo nearly cut his own head off learning how to surf his new foil board. He has been surfing for 36 years.

Pro Surfer Jamie Mitchell saw the the picture of Yu Tonibi Sumitomo’s face (above) and issued a hydrofoil PSA.

Jamie Mitchell:

“So lately I have been asked consistently about my thoughts on the so called “NEW” foil popularity and haven’t really said much. But, yesterday sadly I saw a photo that I new was coming sooner than later. In my opinion Foils are for open ocean swells, Outer Bombies, and places where there are no people or very few people doing it together. Foils are dangerous, very dangerous, and do not belong in the surf zone with the masses and general public. Yes, Kai and and a few talented kids can probably control the boards amazingly well, but you can’t control other peoples’ actions and movements. I see more and more clips everyday of people trying the foils and I am so scared that someone will pay the ultimate price and die. Look at this photo below. If a foil hits you or you hit someone with the foil, it’s going to end badly. I sure hope the people and companies that are making money off these are doing their best to educate people about the dangers. I don’t think this will be the 1st or last incident unfortunately. I’m very happy that the gentleman in this photo will be ok. Please think about your surroundings before you just jump in and start surfing those boards.”

Yu Tonbi Sumitomo actually saw the PSA ,and responded to Jamie.


“Hi Jamie Mitchell san. This was my bad. Waves are waist to chest. No one around except me and my father. Had struggle first 30 min. Then I start figure. Had such fun time. Then see what you see what happen. I been surfing since I was 8. 36 year experience. Your friend Sean O. is my best friend we made SUP 11 year ago. I thought foiling is easy. It is easy but easy to turn very dangerous. What I learn from this is have to be careful. Surfing. Or sup. Or foiling. Thank you for the comment and hope no one get’s hurt like I did. Sure foiling is amazing.”

foil boarding, hydrofoil board, wave foil board

Now how much are these “foils”?

For what they do they are cheap. Against the price of a pizza. A lot.

Guys (and gals) are usually spending on average around ~$1,000 for these hydrofoil attachments. But a lot of windsurfing vets and the like love this thing, calling it priceless. The addictive nature of being able to ride waves (or almost no waves) non-stop over hills of blue water is best described as flying. Being able to surf conditions that could never actually be surfed before.

Pushing into the unknown.

The power, speed, distance achievable with these has gotten many pro’s hooked.  Increasing paddleboard speed, windsurfing speed, surfing speed and ability to glide from one rolling wave all the way to another.

foil board, hydrofoil board, foil surfing, wavefoil, windfoil

Month by month hydrofoiling/wavefoiling/foilboarding/etc. grows more popular. Though it is still in the stages where it doesn’t even have a consistent name across users yet, it’s popularity increases with every handful of people who see someone using one of these at their local beach of lake. These can be used just about anywhere and will definitely change what it means to travel.

Watch Kai Lenny with RedBull travel between the Hawaiian Islands on a hydrofoil board cleaning our oceans.

Kai Lenny pulled a pretty amazing feat recently in 2017 riding a very impressive 50 miles on his hydrofoil surfboard. Lenny crossed a channel referred to as the Alenuihaha. The channel connecting Hawaii’s Big Island to the island of Maui.

It is considered one of the most dangerous stretches of open water on this planet.

The feat was a good display of the potential of the hydrofoil surfboard, as well as Kai Lenny’s skill. But Lenny himself did not do it simply for fun, but to push a massive statewide cleaning of the Hawaiian islands. To bring greater awareness to the whole situation of trash in our oceans.

Imagine, riding off into the night sea gliding gracefully on your hydrofoil board. Only the sound of the ocean. Your paddle in one hand, penis in the other. Stars in front of you bouncing off the reflective luminous sea, as you charge like an ethereal warrior into the dreamy starry night resembling a beautiful moving painting of psychedelia.

All this being fairly “new”, there is still a lot of modding that can be done to this. Companies are already making electric versions of this, where you would just stand on your surfboard and fly over the water effortlessly at 25mph.

One brand in particular, is called: The JetFoiler.

But as cool as the idea of electric versions of foil boards are, the fact that you can go so fast WITHOUT using electricity is truly what makes this whole idea special.

Non the less here is an example video of the lazyman JetFoiler.

foil boarding, hydro foil board, wave foil, kite foil, wind foil. Laird Hamilton breaking hydrofoil speed record

Some people prefer all natural

Adam Withington practicing kite foil boarding transitions

These guys are flying

hydrofoil board, foil board, hydrofoil wings

But how do you make a hydrofoil and kiteboard?