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Is it skiis or skis??


The first skis (or skiis) were first used from the bones of large animals, where our sick primal fetish would turn into a greater ability to traverse the great ancient tundras of snow. Wooden skis have been found up to 5000 years old in Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Wait, so is it skiis or skis then??


In Old Norse the word “skíð” means stick of wood or ski. In Norwegian “vedski” means “splitwood for making fire”. Also known as a “skigard” meaning “a wooden split-rail fence”.

What the fuck does that mean?

In ancient Norse lore there is a story:

There were two brothers, Fli and Jornje. The land had cracked in half over the eons by the great divide, and no one had yet to go past the limits of the land. There was no way for one to survive with the barren snow climate at the time, and the ancient stories of the great animals that walked like men that could take you away. The town was sharp, but in the grey mist of the ocean of snow and ice that divide them, “their land”, the monsters of the grey were smarter.

Fli and Jornje had an older brother, who loved to spend his time on the edge. They only got to know him several years with clear thinking before he disappeared.

The whole town had an obsession with the edge. But when the boys oldest was taken, their curiosity would not be halted by fear as it had every one before. They would traverse the icy barren mist, where earth would howl with it’s wind, roaring. Sometime it sounded as though it were them though, the “animals”. Sometimes it sounded like, him.

Fli and Jornje knew you could not just walk through the mist, upon entering it no man has ever been back. So it was to be assumed that, they themselves would not come back from it either.

The boys determined took some of the elements around them to shape to flat long planks of wood to put under their feet. Their intention was to prevent drowning or falling if the icy “earth fell beneath them”. But the sliding effect and traction effect were the bonus the boys were going to need to survive.

Thus the first skis (or skiis) was made.

 Skii Abominable Snowman

My uncles told me that story.