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Slack Line : The Future of BALANCE

There has been a slackline at our whatisthebeststuff office for over a year now. That being mentioned, it has destroyed the testicles of almost every person here. But not at the fault of the slackline in particular. There is an etiquette to not being a complete mong on the line.

Are you saying there are “rules” to slacklining?

No. But we have a list.

slack line, slackline tricks, slacklining

1. If you are new to slacklining, don’t start at the middle.

A good way to get thwaped is to do what we, as well as most newbies, attempt to do. Which is tie your slackline between two trees and proceed to jump on it from the dead middle. The center is where it is the loosest with the most give. So the result was often; instantly having you ankles thrown from under you, or, instant full stomp snap-back of elastic destruction into your anus and testicles. It became a self hazing of sorts. We stopped telling people not to do it.

2. Be careful attempting to try what you see online right off the bat.

slackline tricks. slacklining competition

There are some pretty basic moves that can generate a lot of force with the slack line. One way of practicing throwing your weight around in a trick manner is to sit on the slack line, and hold on by your hands and hips while you use your legs to shoot your weight around. Two of us here mashed our backs pretty bad doing this and getting sling-shot into the ground while getting judo flipped.

slackline, slackline tricks, slacklining

3. If you Have two Slacklines, you can set one High and Low to Learn to Balance Faster

learn to slackline, slacklining

Slacklining progression

We personally didn’t have two at first, so we had to learn on one. First between two close trees, then eventually to two very far trees.


4. Take your Slackline to New Adventurous Places

slackline anywhere, slack line, slackine, slacklining

Whether that be a new cool park, or a new valley or beach, take you and your slackline adventures to new places!

5. Invite onlookers and make new friends

Most people will politely say no, but the brave will try and likely have fun and/or eat shit. Either way they won’t slack very long but you will have made a new friend.

slackline, slackline bros, slackining

You are my brother now





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