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What the hell is a Begleri??

Begleri (also known as thumb chucks) are these super weird bead things that are technically fidget toys, but unlike normal fidget toys these build a good amount of dexterity. But even if you have no interest in finger-banging like a pro or being an last option airplane surgeon, the begleri serves its own purpose in being fun alone.

People are “playing” the shit out of these things.

The deeper you dive into the world of begleri beads, thumb chucks, and monkey fist loops (we’ll get to that in a second) the further you see into a growing culture of bizarre spinning shit.


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But I like spinning shit

Then you’re going to fucking love this. 

Can you explain what begleris are?

fidget toy begleri

Begleri is not your standard fidget toy. No fidget toy is standard. But these especially are not. Modern day begleri beads are generally on a single short strand of string, with two weighted bead ends. Finger nun-chucks, or thumb chucks.

The beads can be flipped around between your fingers and hands, the weights let them flick with a lot of momentum, allowing you to have a sense of flying/flowing an object between your fingers. The sense of shifting, twirling, and dodging forces a new level of dexterity and coordination in the hands.

Now with the history of the begleri; they originated in Greece as rosary beads or kompoloi. Basically they were “worry beads” that were played with to pass the time. Now in modern times they have shortened quite a bit to serve more as a “skill toy”.

They are not called thumb chucks for nothing

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What are worry beads? Why?

Worry beads, prayer beads, or kompoloi for the old Greek “worry” beads, served as a way to kind of relieve oneself of their stress and worries. In Indian culture prayer beads could be used for mantras. (Kombos is Greek for “knot”, and logio is Greek for “connection”)(Kompoloi was also to have come from the Greek work Komboskini, meaning “prayer rope”). The beads would click together acting as a tactile release. Also with each bead passed through the fingers a prayer would be thought/said.

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So what are “monkey fist loop” begleri?

Monkey fist loops are a different than the standard begleri, in the sense that there are no “beads”. What does that mean? It means that instead of a bead, there is a continuation of the line/string (now a-days paracord) that is threaded into itself until it has made a ball knot or “bead” of cord. Some people still add the ball, then do the monkey fist over it.

Ok so what are some thumb chuck tricks?

Let’s star with easy ones:

1: The flip floop flop

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The flip floop flop is the easiest of all begleri tricks. You simply put one finger out at a time and start twirling/spinning it from on finger to the next alternating hands, like above.

2. The: ‘You Smoke Cocks I Smoke Camels’

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We had some follows of our blog write us and tell us stories of performing this begleri trick in public. They say that this is the ultimate COOL GUY MOVE. Be careful doing this trick outside, it’s been known to cause car accidents and destroy lives. All those stories of older female teachers sleeping with their high school male students? All those students were doing this one begleri trick, in class.


3. The : poop my pants and hold the stance

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This trick can be performed with or without a leather jacket, but it’s must be done in the fashion as if wearing one. Simply perform a single handed flip floop flop and then transition to a wrist-twist subspace crossover dink dink and back to a SIDEWAYS REVERSE single handed flip flop floop.

4. The : Purple Nurple Roll Over

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Also known as the destroyer of earth, get a momentum from a single flip flop floop then proceed to thumb pinch twirl down the line from digit to digit. Over time you will not have to perform the flip flop floop for momentum and will be able to jump right into the Purple Nurple Roll Over.

5. Don’t Tell the Cops what you saw here

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Perform a single handed flip flop floop with added 3 digit rollover while thinking super sexy thoughts. A pro thumb chuck trick among pros.


Will I go to jail for using Begleri?

Most definitely, they are called THUMB CHUCKS. Concealable nun chucks.  Anyone seen using a begleri or doing begleri tricks will likely be gunned down like a thug. Most wrongful police deaths are because suspects are reaching not for a gun, but for a begleri. But begleri are actually more dangerous than guns! Begleris can be thrown for up to 400 nautical miles, up to speeds of sound.

In Australia, the Aboriginal wars have changed, going from using classic boomerangs to now using begleris. Gang wars littering the streets of Sydney with bodies have been censored by the mainstream news, out of fear of skyrocketing begleri sales causing them to become a global monopoly. Getting caught with a begleri in Australia can give a sentence equivalent of that of carrying a frag grenade. Any act of thumb chuck tricks performed in public will be considered “gang posturing”.

Protocols have already been made for when the great thumb chucks ban causes the great internet shutdown, in order to stop all trading and sales of dangerous begleri beads. The protocol states that any future begleri beads runner must be called “the bead man”, who are both great criminals and shamans of the future world. Each “bead man” will hold a partial of the “deep” secret, not enough to get tortured out of them, but enough to where if you travel across the great barren wasteland drawing secret knowledge from each “bead man” you will slowly accumulate enough latent knowledge of where The Great 8 begleri beads of power have been strewn across the earth. Each made of a separate ancient meteor gem stone, when combined, gives great powers beyond human understanding. Bead men are notorious for their search for the great beads, and cannot help gossiping about their locations and stories of who had seen or heard of one.

Unfortunately many “bead man” are lost due to the aggressive nature of the thumb chuck community. Many bead men destroy each other to see who is the better thumb chuck master. In the future, begleri skills equal knowledge of the possible great truths.

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The great begleri bead meteor god that we must worship or it will destroy us all

How to make a wood beaded begleri: DYI