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–    What the HELL are “fidget toys” and    –

WHY are they taking over the world?

Fidget Toys, Fidget Cube, fidget spinner, fidget galactic globe

Fidget Spinner Hell

fidget cube, fidget spinner, fidget toys

Plastic paraphernalia

So…What’s it do??

People are going crazy over fidget toys, making claims that; they can help your kids concentrate, help calm kids with autism, cure down-syndrome.

 But what if,

they were an INSTRUMENT OF MASS ZOMBIFICATION, fidget spinners, a spinning hypno-disk in your hand. In Russia there have been enormous political issues literally over fidget spinners. A political party in Russia is getting a lot of flack from its peers, for giving out FIDGET SPINNERS to youths to maybe lure them into voting.

Turn on english subtitles

Accusations of mass hypnosis is seriously being investigated, and with something this serious.

You know it’s gotta be fucking cool.

Will fidget spinner tricks get me laid?


Ok what’s with the other fidget toys?

fidget controller, fidget toys

Your life is a game

fidget cube, fidget toys, stress cube, fidget

Fidget Cubes

Alright, so fidget toys are also known as “desk toys”.

It’s a restless energy device, and people get super restless at their desks. Hence the name desk toys. Whether in class or at work, you might just be fidgeting already and not know it.

The way some people bite their nails, pick their skin, or bounce their leg unconsciously. This is an external way of putting out that energy.

Now someone has learned to monetize it, and possible brainwash us at the same time.

CUBE1, fidget cube, desk toys, fidget toys, display cube functions

CUBE2, fidget cube, fidget toys, desk toys, display flip function and sooth stone

CUBE3, fidget cube, fidget toys, desk toys, FIDGET, display roll gear functions, steel ball, and rotating dial

Anecdotal evidence is being mentioned that fidget spinners,

fidget cubes, and general fidget things are helping kids concentrate in class. Now with no actual controlled environments or variables, anecdotal does not often satisfy.


There is one saving grace in research regarding “de-stressing” with a  “fidget toy”.

In a preliminary test involving 29, 6th grade students in rural South Georgia in a language arts class were monitored.

First for 3 weeks with no “fidget toy” (in this instance it would be a stress ball). Than for 7 weeks WITH the stress ball.

Under video surveillance, teacher observations, surveys, and other formal applications of research. It was deduced that “kinesthetic” learners had a much easier time maintaining attention during class.

And from journals written by the students, it was noted that their writing collectively improved. Now any study must be taken with a grain of salt for its intention, and observers effect. But this is the result in this closed study. More will have to be done.

Until then it’s hands-on studies, go out and experiment.

Brainwash me Captian

fidget toy, desk toy, digital spinner, LED display fidget spinner

best fidget spinners, fidget toys, desk toys

Fidget Spinner, Fidget Spinner, Fidget Spinner

So is this good for kids with ADHD?

To either destroy themselves and distract them

How about autism?

It is said that the same way this helps with nervous people and ticks, it also helps calm those with cases of autism. Acting as a sort of active tactile toy. A fidget toy.

Can the “sharp” looking fidget spinners cut you?

Some kids do sharpen the edges of the razor edged looking fidgit spinners. But out of the box no, they will not cut you. There are many videos online of kids spinning them super fast and FAKING it cutting them with fake blood. But unless you use an air compressor to spin the living shit out of your spinner, or sharpen your spinner, it won’t generally cut you.

So I heard the usb ones catch fire, is that true?

Yep. There have been incidents where kids were trying to simply charge their usb powered fidget spinners and they would catch fire. The same way those two wheeled electric things were, bursting into flames.

In Gardendale, AL, a family had a fidget spinner catch fire upstairs in their home. Kimberly Allums young son wanted to listen to some music through his spinner (some spinners have speakers), he plugged in a usb to charge the fidget toy and it caught fire. Kimberly could hear her son screaming “FIRE!” upstairs. Kimberly mentions that they were minutes from leaving, and that the spinner would have caught fire with no one home if they left 5 minutes later.

So an air of awareness must be held when talking about CHARGEABLE fidget spinners. Most spinners are not electric. Though as the future goes on many more diversifications of the spinner and it’s more digital counterparts will come into view.

usb fidget spinner fire example

usb fidget spinner fire example

Same hazard, different thing

Ok ok, enough of the fidget spinners, what and why are the other fidget toys?

fidget toys, sensory toys, desk toys

The original fidget toys

squeeze ball,fidget toys, desk toys, sensory toys

Turn it into grapes


Apparently this crazy contraption is called a Begleri. I’m also seeing a new term being used for these fidget toys that I really like; dexterity hobby. Because when you use these more complex fidget toys, you truly are working your dexterity to a very high degree. And there are definite benefits in working on difficult to master toys that require a lot of dexterity just to learn. Thus increasing your overall capacity for everything.

But enough. What in the hell is a Begleri?!?

The Big Larry?

The action mimicked at times looks almost the same action as if you were spinning a revolver, but if you slow it down you can see it is more complex in its fine movements.

Each finger having to spin, release, torque, balance, and catch each loop around makes this a very stimulating fidget toy. This is one of the coolest looking fidget toys.

Fidget Spinner Paradise

Fidget Spinners were popularized by the Batman movies as well as Who Wants to be a Millionaire, with Reagius Fealman. Reagius Fealman had spread the wonder of the Fidget Spinner intergalactically